Hello World! Solana kicks off DEVcember with quick-start guide to get started with development of Web3 dApps

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SolanaSphere "Hellow World" by Arek Socha on Pixabay
NFT Solana Spaces at Hudson Yards, New York

Written by Silke Brand | Have you ever thought about developing your own Solana program? This is your month! Follow Solana on Twitter and each day you learn and understand a bit more about what is possible on the Solana Blockchain. Have fun, dudes and gals!

Every day this month of December 2022, the SolanaFoundation will be sharing a new guide, course or tool to get started with Solana development. On December 1st 2022 the “Hello World Quickstart Guide” was announced on Twitter:

Since beginning of December you also can take a look into programming with the video “Solana Bytes: Hello World”, learn about the Solana development platform BuildSpace to create Web3 dApps in no time – eg during a weekend. If you are taking action on this you soon will be accustomed to the developing platform Solana Playground. You will be able to create a Solana wallet on Playground. If you like you can develop the skills to program, build and deploy a basic Solana program in the programming language Rust. And finally you can interact with your on chain program using JavaScript or Next.JS.

When reading through the comments on Twitter regarding these announcement you can find some negative thoughts on Solana, crazy memes and also just plain questions about what their expections of the Solana (Sol) price are…Some commentators want to sell off their tokens, but some defend Solana wholeheartedly, e.g. @TedPillows stresses that Solana has with almost 435.000 the most daily active adresses among all competitors, ranking Ethereum on second and Polygon on third place:

SolanaSphere – Opinion

In our opinion it is a positive sign that Solana continues to push forward and doesn’t let the panic around the FTX disaster put their heads down. Recent years have shown that Solana is very much customer centred and that doesn’t only include users but especially the community of developers. This could also be observed when diving deeper in their sessions at the BreakPoint Lisbon in November 2022. Why should a blockchain survive without apps and programs? There would be no reason for. But as long as there is a strong community willing to put their intelligence into what can be possible in the future, we must acknowledge the strong will to deliver their share of innovations. A recent look into the hemisphere of the Cardano Layer 1 blockchain showed that that is not so much the case with them, as their founder team centres a big chunk around themselves on a highly theoreticall level without many use cases existing so far. We believe that they should expand their reach or they might fell behind – although that blockchain is often considered to be technically superior to many other blockchains – including Solana. A deeper look at the differences between Solana and Cardano can be found in an article of Moneymade.io – updated for the last time in November 2022.