Founder of Solana Anatoly Yakovenko announces during BreakPoint 2022 in Lisbon steps into the Layer 2 world by building Layer N chain as a scaling protocol in 2023

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Solana blockchain announces Layer N at BreakPoint 2022 in Barcelona

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Is this the beginning of another revolution?
Solana invests heavily in a possible increase of its scalability.
The goal is also to quicken DeFi derivatives and on-chain social networks.


A so-called “Layer N” chain will be build on top of Solana and therefore is very reminiscent of Ethereum’s multichain scaling architecture with their “Layer 2” protocols.

By the way, very sad not having been at the Solana BreakPoint 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal from November 4th to 7th. However me and you can deep dive and learn about many news on Solana’s recordings on Twitter – take a look right below.

And even further down grant yourself a treat and read about the big news written by Mike Trupa from The Block.

Big news during Solana BreakPoint 2022 in Barcelona

So what is Layer N?

The new Solana scaling protocol named Layer N came out of a secret development phase ahead of a mainnet launch expected next year. Similar to Ethereum’s multichain scaling architecture, Layer N would be built on top of Solana with the goal of increasing scalability. Moreover, the protocol would work with Ledger Prime and Pattern Research as liquidity partners.

FTX Ventures, Solana Ventures, Solana Foundation, and Solana Co-founders Anatoly Yakovenko and Raj Gokal are investors in Layer N.

Layer N says it’s the first blockchain that will be able to match the throughput, or speed, of a centralized exchange. The protocol said it employs a “novel execution environment, dubbed the guardian network, as well as a few sets of unique technical innovations and optimizations to scale up execution.”

Furthermore, the protocol revealed that it employed a “novel execution environment, dubbed the guardian network.” Execution environments are a critical infrastructure component that shape the way assets and smart contracts behave on blockchains and impact the end-user and developer experience.

Layer N Co-founder Dima Romanov said in a statement to The Block:

“Layer N will push the boundaries of throughput and latency that users are accustomed to on the Solana blockchain. Through our technology, on-chain computation will approach centralized server performance for the first time.”

Dima Romanov, Layer N Co-founder

While yet to be proven, Layer N also said it could open up use cases that previously were not possible in the current blockchain environment.

“For DeFi derivatives, a sub 100ms sequencer that settles to Solana could rival the user experience of a centralized exchange, opening the door for new and innovative DeFi products,” Solana Co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko stressed in the statement. 

Layer N plans to deploy a “sandbox” testing environment by the end of this year that will allow anyone to view a testing program it plans to deploy on its devnet.

Via The Block