Helium Partnership no bullish booster for Solana – compare with Cardano after Vasil Upgrade

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Preface by Silke Brand | Helium was one of the first projects of the Blockchain Technology I have run into – after investing in some Bitcoins just weeks before. Having a relaxed evening in the lobby of the famous Adlon Hotel in Berlin, Germany and enjoying a sip of wine I was listening to two guys explaining Helium Mining to a crowd that was up to that point completely ignorant about the so-called “The People’s Network”. What followed was my deep-dive into the fascinating world of this whole new technology and community.

IndustryTrends reflects about the reasons Solana has not (yet) but will have a bull run in the future and why the same might be the case for Cardano.

Expectations were high that after the Solana partnership with Helium was done and the Cardano Vasil upgrade was completed, these coins would register an uptick. That has not been the case, and a few weeks after these moves, these Solana (SOL) and Cardan (ADA) are still struggling to remain stable.

These coins are plummeting at a time when Bitgert (BRISE) and Centcex (CENX), their biggest rivals, have been doing pretty stable in the market. As of this writing, $SOL and $ADA had posted a decline in the past 30 days, while Bitgert and Centcex had done pretty well during the same period.

Why Solana and Cardano Are Plummeting and

The reason why Bitgert and Centcex are outperforming Solana and Cardano today is because of the developments happening in their ecosystem. There is not much that is going on in the SOL and ADA projects because most of their developments are almost saturated. Therefore, they are not attracting a lot of attention.

That has been the case with Bitgert (BRISE) and Centcex (CENX). These two coins are still new in the industry and have so many developments coming up. Most of these developments address limitations on the Solana and Cardano projects hence the attention from even big players in the market.

However, $SOL and $ADA plummeting have a lot to do with the crashing markets. The entire crypto market has been crashing mainly because of rising inflation. The inflation impact on the stock markets has been massive withdrawals, and the crypto market has been one of the most affected. Therefore, the plummeting SOL and ADA prices have been triggered by these forces.

Solana/Helium partnership and Cardano Vasil upgrade Impact

Crypto experts say that the Helium partnership and the Vasil upgrade will still impact the SOL and ADA prices. The Helium partnership has increased the Solana project’s user base, which means massive adoption of SOL once the market starts rising.

The Cardano Vasil upgrade increased the speed of this blockchain and reduced the gas fee. This means more developers will be using the Cardano chain, and the number of transactions is going to skyrocket. That’s how the demand for the ADA chain will be increased, hence a price surge.

Bottom Line

Solana and Cardano still have the potential to do well, but they might not match up the Bitgert (BRISE) and Centcex (CENX) performance. $BRISE and $CENX have the potential to increase over 10X this year, which is why they are attracting many crypto investors.