Sad Days for Solana Blockchain - Polygon wins race for Y00Ts NFT collection

Bearish news for Solana Blockchain – DeLabs moves y00ts non-fungible-token (NFT) project on Magic Eden to Polygon in April 2023

Preface by Silke Brand | The solana ecosystem suffers from some final action taking by DeLabs who now shifts y00ts NFT...
Silke Brand
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Move, Rust, Solidity – Web3 programming languages for Solana, Aptos, Sui, Diem, Facebook and Ethereum

Preface by Silke Brand | Before we appraise the article of Mike from BSC News regarding the latest development in the...
Silke Brand
2 min read
SolanaSphere "Hellow World" by Arek Socha on Pixabay

Hello World! Solana kicks off DEVcember with quick-start guide to get started with development of Web3 dApps

Written by Silke Brand | Have you ever thought about developing your own Solana program? This is your month! Follow Solana...
Silke Brand
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SolanaSphere - Official Launch Event

Our Official Launch Event is here! Finally Ready For Your Own NFT? SolanaSphere shows you how to get one for free!

Written by Maria Iber | SolanaSphere keeps you up-to-date about everything around the Solana Network.Current events, historical context and educational resources...
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What is Solana?

What is Solana? An explanation.

Sourced by Silke Brand |The Solana project implements a public base – layer-1 – blockchain that is eco-friendly, high-speed and permissionless....
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